About Us

Xsilica company overview

Xsilica Software Solutions specializes in providing innovative business solutions for various applications like design, development, marketing & support to meet the critical requirements of businesses for clients in IT Industries.

Xsilica builds applications that enable multi-channel engagement for customers, leveraging onsite, offsite and offshore resources as well as strategic global partnerships to deliver exceptional value.

Xsilica Software Solutions, with its global presence is well positioned to harness the best minds from different parts of the world to provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions for their business and IT needs.

Our OUTSOURCING Division provides a complete solution you can rely on to ensure your project’s success. We provide the methodology, experienced staff, and project management oversight needed to achieve your strategic goals.

Xsilica offers OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING of IT related activities to offshore outsourcing companies adding significantly to cost savings without compromising on quality, thus bringing in more value addition.

Our Skills

Xsilica offers a range of PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and wide variety of Software platforms including leading Technologies to improve the competitiveness of clients through a set of consulting practices that result in knowledge-intensive business solutions with appropriate manpower such as







Enhancement and Maintenance